What is really happening in Syria

ANNA News: About a mechanism of provocations for UN Security Council

Investigation of Marat Musin, a journalist with ANNA News 

      A week ago, bandits from Daraa city kidnapped 16 Druzes, citizens of Suwayda city. Martial Druzes decided not to lose time and have taken over 170 Islamists among Daraa citizens for an exchange. Bandits were forced to exchange kidnapped people for their comrades.  At this point the provocation against Druzes could be considered over. However, today six Druze girls were kidnapped in Damascus. In the evening, one of them managed to make a phone call from her cell phone.  Turned out, kidnapped girls were already at the Turkey border that is more than 400 kilometers from Damascus. 
      Recently, Alawites’ villages were attacked. Taking this fact into consideration a Western policy of civil war initiation in Syria is being traced here. Today they provoke Druzes, tomorrow they will provoke Alawites. Consequently, in the coming days we can expect  a major provocation against Shiites or Christians, Ismailis and Kurds, Circassians and Armenians where their population is dense enough.
       Large detachments of gunmen are needed to organize such provocations.  Few hours ago, they saw a showdown of armed bandits with other group of people near the hotel.  They did not hide firearms. Bandits were caring their guns openly, keeping it behind their belts over shirts. Another skirmish occurred in Harasta region. 


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Terra Nova

Has anyone seen the trailers for this new tv show? Humanity destroys the earth, so build a time travel machine to go back into the dinosaur ages and destroy the earth then too.

Good grief. I'm tired of these movies and shows where the moral of the story is that we're destroying earth... but it's okay, keep doing it anyway!