April 14th, 2008

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U.S. halts commercial salmon season

U.S. halts commercial salmon season

Regulators are trying to protect slumping chinook population off California and Oregon.
By Eric Bailey, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
April 11, 2008

From: http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/california/la-me-salmon11apr11,1,7033457,full.story

EUREKA, CALIF. -- -- Instead of preparing to hit the Pacific's wind-tossed waters next month, veteran fisherman Dave Bitts sat at the counter of a dockside restaurant on Humboldt Bay recently, mulling fate and a cloudy future.

For the first time since the birth of the West Coast fishing industry 150 years ago, Bitts and other fishermen face a season without salmon.

Federal regulators, worried about sagging runs up and down the coast, agreed Thursday to cancel this year's commercial and recreational catch of chinook -- the prized king salmon of the fish market -- off California and Oregon.

The ban adopted by the Pacific Fishery Management Council after a weeklong meeting in Seattle marks the new low point for a trade enshrined in the West since the Gold Rush.

An aborted season will wallop coastal communities in which salmon has long been a financial and cultural mainstay. Repercussions are expected to ripple out, with the ban hurting not just fuel docks and tackle stores but also supermarkets and truck dealerships.

In California, commercial salmon fishing is a $150-million business.

Hardest hit will be full-time fishermen like Bitts...Collapse )

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