April 24th, 2008


Rice shortage? What rice shortage?


it's that ticker on the lower right hand side of the screen that really says it all.

 but Cheer up!   don't worry!     it's actually **good** news that we don't have enough staple crops on the planet for everyone. 


"How to Profit from the 
Rice Shortage of 2008

Most stocks have dealt a bitter return to investors...

But ONE MARKET has been bucking the trend in a big way: rice.

Today I'd like to show you a simple way to invest in the global rice boom.

There's no need to tear up your back yard and plant crops - and no reason to take on risky "futures" or "options" plays.

In fact, there's a much easier way to profit from ag-flation - a way that could reward forward-thinking investors with returns of 61% or more.

Look - since late December, rice traders have watched the value of this "white gold" commodity rise by 75.8%...

But this historic rally has only just begun! 

The truth is, this powerful commodity is still well below its inflation-adjusted highs.

And it's not alone.  Other soft commodities, like corn, soy beans and wheat are poised for a break-out year."

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