July 6th, 2008

  • grygon

I'm so upset

Why do people DO THIS?!

My cousin grew up. Weird, cause I'll always remember him as a chubby little boy fighting with his sister over stupid things. He got married.

When I met his wife and two foster kids I instantly liked her. Didn't speak to her as she was off alone or... I can't remember now. I think she just made a brief appearance then left the relatives-reunion for some errand. But I did see her FOSTER kids, and that alone made me like her. Awesome, maybe she'll adopt them, I thought.

Next thing I know, she's pregnant. Fuck.

You see where this is going, huh? Yep. She sent the fosters back to foster care to make room for her satan spawn... I met him this weekend, he is 9 months and has a breathing problem and I didn't sleep one damn wink Thursday night thanks to his satan noises.


Those poor foster kids. I wonder just how many foster homes they'll be sent to, only to be sent away cause oh noes, mommy got knocked up.