July 8th, 2008


Joining in

I spent yesterday evening commiserating with my boyfriend about how there are so few people around (except us) who choose not to have children. In fact, as I ran down my long list of friends and acquaintances, I could only think of one other couple who had chosen not to reproduce. So I was thrilled to find this community this morning, as well as various other websites about being childfree. I'm glad you all exist!

For me, the strongest reason not to have children is environmental --- buying carbon credits only barely scratches the surface of offsetting the destruction that even the most careful human being causes on the environment. I would love to see a movement getting young people to vow not to reproduce, just like the Christian right has their "abstinance until marriage" pledge that they push on high school kids. Anyone seen anything like that?

I'd also love to help bring the childfree movement out into the mainstream, but I've yet to see a website that would appeal to more run of the mill folks who aren't already childfree by choice. Does something like that exist? Can you point me in the right direction? While I enjoyed sites like www.vhemt.org and www.childfree.net, I'm thinking of something with pretty pictures to suck people in and with persuasive, serious text to make them think about their own decisions. Does that exist?