August 24th, 2008

  • darxus

Don't Have Kids

"I won't go here either. Kids today are an expensive luxury. It's not 200 years ago when we all lived on farms and needed them to help with the milking.

Not only are they scaldingly expensive, they are the root cause of all pollution and environmental destruction.

Think about it. Do you have any idea from where more people come for whom we need more oil and for whom we need to bulldoze more virgin landscapes to build tract homes for them to live and raise more kids?

Sure, my kid is special: it's not my kid, but everyone else's kids that cause pollution, poverty, shortage and crowding. Think again.

Kids go far deeper than the thousands of disposable diapers each consumes. The worst environmental crime any individual can commit is making more people. Sure, my kid might cure cancer, but we are up to something like 7 billion people on this planet and no one's kid has cured it yet. My kid is far more likely to degrade your environment and cause more cancer than he is ever likely to cure it. Isn't hope grand?

Even more expensive than the monetary cost is that they consume any time you ever thought you might have to better your personal and professional development. They are far worse than watching TV.

Ever wonder why half the ads on TV are for baby stuff? Because half our economy goes into paying for that baby stuff."