August 31st, 2008


VHEMT spokespeople needed everywhere

A reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Company's online service contacted me an we had an extensive conversation about VHEMT. A story should be forthcoming. She asked if there were any Canadian Volunteers or Supporters who would be willing to talk with her and a Supporter in Alberta rose to the occasion. It would have been more impressive to have several of us contact her.

Whenever a reporter contacts me, they want to talk with someone locally to tie it in for their audience. They always want to talk with them immediately, so there usually isn't enough time to send out requests for spokespeople.

Reporters contact me from all over the world, so anyone who is willing to be interviewed about VHEMT is a potential spokesperson. There are three possibilities: print, voice, video. Almost anyone can provide some phrases for print media to put quote marks around and attribute to a local Volunteer or Supporter. It takes a little more courage to be recorded over the phone for radio or podcast, and going on TV can be intimidating.

If you're willing to be a spokesperson on one, two, or all of these levels, please let me know so I can contact you quickly if the situation arises. Email is good if you check often, and a phone number could be helpful. Tell me if it's okay to give the reporter your email or phone number, or if you would rather I contact you first.

Thank you for your help.
Harper's May

The real Endangered Species Act

Hi everyone,

(Just as a disclaimer - I hope this is not overstepping, though I thought the issue may be relevant, as it is related to the supposed prosperity of our species and the extinction of others)

I receive newsletters from the Union of Concerned Scientists, and last week's subject has gotten me especially riled up:

A parting shot at the Endangered Species Act

If you have the time or inclination, please contact your representative, this is action which we can all make a stand against.