September 1st, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Fab Five

Do you think John McCain's VP choice,Sarah Palin, and her family of five children will end up being a political liability in the US Democratic Republican presidential race? On C-SPAN today they were airing a video of a Republican pollster in Minnesota interviewing average voters in a room for two hours and he asked what do you think about the size of her family and someone said "she is a mother, not a president." The pollster was speechless and said he could not think of a response. Maybe this explains why she said recently she doesn't know much about the Iraq war. She is too busy raising her family. And maybe this explains why she feels man-made global warming is not real. She has time enough to turn on the radio, but not that much time to read the consensus of climate scientists. And since John McCain is 72 Mrs. Palin could be the next president.