Darxus (darxus) wrote in vhemt,

"...$5 to $10 for a year of contraception." requiring no medical training

http://www.bugmenot.com/ for a login.

"One is a vaginal ring that releases hormones.... She said that women found it easy to insert the ring themselves, which is crucial in poor countries where there are few health workers.... cost in developing countries would eventually be $5 to $10 for a year of contraception."

"Sino-implant (II), a tiny pair of rods inserted just under the skin (typically in the arm) to release hormones. Other implants are widely used, but one great advantage of the Sino-implant is that it can last four or five years and costs $3 a year or less.... 100,000 units were distributed last year — with no safety issues so far."

"reversible [male] sterilization. It’s an injection that hardens to create a plug in the duct carrying sperm. To reverse it, a health worker injects a solvent that dissolves the plug. The plan is to introduce this on a broad scale in the next few years."

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